Nezon Marketing Pte Ltd is an Importer / Distributor / Logistics company based in Singapore. It also operates in the countries of Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan & Hong Kong. It deals with Beauty, Health and Skin Care products aiming to give every woman a variety of beauty choices that fit their needs.

Our main office and warehouse is located at 1 Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 2A AMK tech 1, Singapore 568049

Company Reg.: 199000677R


Love could have been the reason of existence of the company. Nezon Marketing Pte. Ltd. was established on 14th February, the Valentines Day of 1990, when the company was awarded the exclusive distributorship of Neutrogena in Singapore. The following year, in 1991, for strategic reasons and aiming to serve farther in South East Asia, the operation was quickly expanded to Malaysia giving birth to Nezon Marketing Malaysia.

Nezon Marketing continued the relationship with Neutrogena until 1999 when Johnson & Johnson acquired Neutrogena Corporation USA. Johnson & Johnson however retained Nezon as the Sole Agent until 2001 to facilitate a smooth transfer of Neutrogena business.

After Neutrogena, several other brands also trusted Nezon marketing with its distribution in Singapore including Banana Boat.

In 1998, when Asia was facing the currency crisis and many distributors in these countries were badly affected by the sudden economy downturn, Nezon took the opportunity to expand to other Asian countries.

Nezon Marketing Pte Ltd today is operating in the countries of Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.