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Elegant Touch Eyelashes

A common adage says that 'Our Eyes are the Windows to our Soul.' Then how about our eyelashes? They are the curtains to our eyes. And an attractive curtain is needed to enhance the window. Thus, Eyelash Extension is born. 

Eyelash Extensions adds Length, Thickness, and Fullness to our eyes, making it appear 'Shine Larger than Life.'

Eyelash Extension comes in 2 kinds. The temporary and semi-permanent. Semi-permanent lashes are harder to maintain cause they can't be easily removed when you wash your face, swim, make-up, or  sleep. There is this big tendency for your eyelash extension to fall or break which may cause to hurt your eye. Whereas if you use temporary eyelash extension, just easy to remove during sleep or bath, and can be reused  several times.

Introducing Elegant Touch Eyelashes. A wide array of temporary Eyelash Extensions from Paris Hilton Eyelashes, Sex and the City Eyelashes, Girls Aloud Eyelashes, and Miss Eylure Pre-glued Eyelashes.

Choose what fits you best and express your eyes more with these assorted Eyelash Extensions from Elegant Touch.


"My glue on eyelashes will look super hot all day and night and if you look after them they can be reused. they are ultra-light, easy to use, contact lens friendly, and only takes minutes to apply."

Elegant Touch, a leading UK Beauty Accessories brand, collaborated with Paris to give her fans the chance to recreate her celebrity style without the cost of a stylist.

Straight from the heart of the Hollywood Hills, Elegant Touch brings you Sophisticated Eyelashes from Paris Hilton.

The Paris Hilton Eyelash line is a collection of eyelashes which includes Paris' favourite fashion looks - Hollywood Glamour, Party Girl, Super Girly, and Natural Beauty.


Paris Hilton Hollywood Glamour
"Get glammed up and feel like a star, so you're ready for any red carpet with my Hollywood Glamour Eyelashes. Bring a little Hollywood Glamour to your life!"

Get instant premier prowess at the bat of a lash, with the Paris Hilton by Elegant Touch Hollywood Glamour Eyelashes. The stoned lashes give full-on-flutter, and are accentuated by a row of five black stones to make you stand out from the crowd.


Paris Hilton Party Girl
"I love getting dressed up for a party! Make a statement with my Party Girl eyelashes. life is too short to blend in."

Stand out to the intricate crossed design of the Paris Hilton by Elegant Touch Party Girl Lashes gives 
eye-catching appeal, with a row of gold stones along the lash line for added dazzling allure.


Paris Hilton Super Girly
"I absolutely love everything pink, sparkly, and girly! Look cute wherever you go with my Super Girly eyelashes."

Paris pink, and contact lenses go together better than peaches and cream, so get on board the girl express and try out the Paris Hilton by Elegant Touch Super Girly Lashes. The band of pink glitter along the lash line with a crossed lash lay-out gives a girly glimpse and a glimmering shimmering edge to your playful outlook.


Paris Hilton Natural Beauty
"Let your inner-beauty shine and go natural! Be yourself and still be beautiful with my Natural Beauty Eyelashes."

Barely there, the Natural Beauty Lashes will best complement any of your make-up shades. The heavy flare of the Paris Hilton by Elegant Touch Natural Beauty Lashes will accentuate your eyes without overpowering them, in a matter of moments, you are that pretty girl in a natural day-time look.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Gorgeous lashes inspired by Sex and the City. The four brand new lash styles of Eylure are each designed to reflect the personality of Miranda, Samantha, Carrie, and Charlotte. These stylish and sassy lashes will surely add a touch of New York glamour to every woman.


Sex and the City Carrie and Miranda Lashes
Carrie Lashes features a single crystal while Miranda Lashes focus on the outer corners are polished and sexy. These lashes are suitable for contact lens wearers and come with an adhesive.


Sex and the City Samantha and Charlotte Lashes
Samantha and Charlotte Lashes are long flutterers and dramatic. Samantha Lashes are Full and Sexy while Charlotte Lashes are Feminine and Girly.

Sex and the City Eyelashes come with an adhesive and are *Easy to apply, *Reusable, * Ultra lightweight, and *Contact lens friendly.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Be Eye-catchingly Gorgeous with Eylure Eyelashes. Designed by Girls Aloud for Eylure, these Limited Edition Fabulous beauty accessories create Sexy and Flirty eyelashes, making it the most sought after lash launches ever.

Boasting an ultra lightweight feel, these beautiful Eylure Girls Aloud Eyelashes are designed to enhance the natural beauty of your eyes. Easy to apply, Reusable and Suitable for all Eye Shapes.

Girls Aloud - Cheryl Cole
"I love the dark glossy look of my lashes. They are a must have for a night out."

Girls Aloud - Kimberly Walsh
"My lashes give great length and texture. I love the boost they give to my eyes!"

Girls Aloud - Nadine Coyle
"My lashes are full and layered with a really natural feel. I could wear this fun, flirty style everyday!"

Girls Aloud - Nicola Roberts
"I designed my lashes to be really full but still demure. I wanted a natural beauty effect with the length and thickness we need."


Girls Aloud - Sarah Harding
"I love my lashes and wear them all the time. I chose a full, spiky style that elongated my eyes."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Eylure - A Rich heritage

The brand was created in the late 1940's by two renowned film make-up artist brothers, David and Eric Aylott. They created the modern false eyelashes to answer a lack of effective enhancement in the industry.
They called their creation 'Eylure' from 'Eye Allure.' For 6 decades, Eylure is still in the forefront of lash enhancement.

The range of six pre-glued lashes, each with its own distinct look and personality, are easy to apply and remove, reusable, ulrta-lightweight, pre-glued, and no problems wearing with contacts.

Miss Eylure Ava
Miss Eylure Kitty

Miss Eylure Eyelashes are reusable and come at an affordable price with several styles to choose from!

The kittenish Kitty,
ablaze Ava,
girlish Gracie,
flamboyant Flora
exotic Emily, and
enticing Eliza.

Miss Eylure Gracie

Miss Eylure Flora

Miss Eylure Eliza
Miss Eylure Emily

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